Saturday, February 6, 2010

Heterochromia Scholarship Different Colored Eyes Scholarship?

Different colored eyes scholarship? - heterochromia scholarship

I have two different colored eyes, and I was the school this year. Does anyone know where a scholarship (see for my condition known as heterochromia Iridium)? Thanks in advance!


Justin S said...

It is not certain, but it should begin, so you can get a scholarship, too!

chemical... said...

No offense, but I seriously doubt you will find a scholarship just for that situation.
Most scholarships are out of school activities, the theoretical and practical skills, sports, financial need, community involvement, volunteer participation, racial or ethnic origin, disability or illness is based.

Others are outside the base, where you or have you been working.

With two different eye colors do not correspond exactly to the type of disability or illness.

universa... said...

I do not think there is something like. I mean, on what basis do we get the money? I have scholarships for good grades, disability known and sporting success. If your heterochromia idirium comes with Waardenburg syndrome (deafness / white hair), I doubt it will be all the scholarships for that. Sorry.

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